8 Tips to a Great Product Development Strategy

A good product development strategy focuses on understanding customers and creating value for them. The Swedish furniture company would be an also-ran if it didn’t master product development strategy. Instead, IKEA is one of the world’s leading retail furniture brands and a global cultural icon. Its strategy marries principles of digitization, consistency, and experience to deliver products people all over the planet now have in their homes. A product development strategy is built on a foundation of extensive research, which includes your target audience, current market, and competitors. The more you know about the road ahead, the better prepared you’ll be for any risks.

To create an effective product strategy, you need to agree on how your product or service will earn money and achieve your business goals. Now that you know what a product development strategy is and why you need one, let’s look at the types of strategies you can choose for your product. Product vision explains the dream behind it but doesn’t explain how this dream will become a reality. A product development strategy defines how to achieve the vision behind the product without getting too deep into details . With Qualtrics’ product research and market research services, you have all the tools you need to create products that customers love and refine existing ones. For customers that are looking for something right for them, a personalized product or service can make them feel like an individual and valued by the brand.

Examples of product development strategies

They want to see what advancements or changes they can make and how that will affect the cost of the product. Just because they have received feedback on the product does not mean they can afford to make those changes and still keep the product at the price it needs to be at. In addition, companies can use virtual product development to help reduce costs.

It contains four alternative business growth strategies which are useful when a company is seeking to enter into a new or existing market, with either current or newly developed products. The agile approach can make for a better product development strategy. It allows the product team to spend more time gathering and analyzing real-world feedback—because it’s putting the product into users’ hands closer to the beginning of the process.

How to create a great product development strategy: 8 expert tips

The third element is the idea genesis, which is described as evolutionary and iterative process progressing from birth to maturation of the opportunity into a tangible idea. The process of the idea genesis can be made internally or come from outside inputs, e.g. a supplier offering a new material/technology or from a customer with an unusual request. The fuzzy front end is the messy “getting started” period of new product engineering development processes. It is also referred to as the “Front End of Innovation”, or “Idea Management”. There are four types of new product development, which include disruptive, radical, sustaining, and incremental. Now that remote work is gaining traction, webinars are an even more effective way to reach a target audience.

product development strategy

Having a way in which employees, suppliers, distributors, and dealers become involved in finding and developing new products is important to a company’s success. It is also important for companies to have a process in place for monitoring the competition and their products so that they can stay ahead of the curve. This is better than the waterfall approach as it allows for to-and-fro movement across the product development cycle as new user requirements emerge. Though the development stages of Waterfall and Agile are similar, these software development methodologies differ. This focuses on working on the user stories in Agile for the New Product that will set it apart from others. Once the design, development, and testing are done, the MVP is launched in the market with minimal features.

Product Development Strategy for Existing Products

And, with a loyal customer base, Apple’s iPhone products continue to be one of the most bought and sought after phone lines on the market. With each purchase, that loyalty deepens and Apple has a ready and waiting fan base that demands the next version. Those that do can monopolize the market quickly by capitalizing on unforeseen opportunities, leading to a degree of market protection. However, proactive approaches are often harder to implement and more costly. Acquire other companies – Gaining knowledge, expertise, and control over other competing products in the market through acquisition gives companies a lot of power.

product development strategy

Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Can quickly block competitors from entering with a second-but-better strategy. Originally started in 2012, Figma was the first professional-grade UI design tool built entirely in the browser. Today, Figma has grown into the leading competitor for design web applications. If you’re not willing to experiment, your business might not be able to keep up with the competition and could eventually fall behind.

Measure your product development strategy

You ask customers to rate outcomes on a scale of 1-to-10 for importance and current satisfaction. You uncover and understand as many customer outcomes—their desired end results—as possible. Keep your consumers updated, excited, and informed as new developments occur. Add an opt-in email feature to collect more information on customer preferences, and generate interest at the same time.

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To form a product development strategy for your product, you need to process all the collected data from the previous steps. Every piece of data matters, so you should find an approach that will allow you to successfully sort, organize, and process the data. At Railsware, we apply the BRIDGeS framework for these purposes.

Stages of a Product Development Strategy

Guardiola introduced the Tiki-Taka strategy, and they were almost unbeatable with Messi, Xavi, and Iniesta leading the team. They controlled the game and had an average of 65 percent ball possession. For example, give each person a 5-minute limit to convince the team they have https://globalcloudteam.com/ a viable concept. Without a structured approach, you could be stuck there for hours listening to rambling pitches from your Legal department’s answer to The Riddler. We also utilize Atlassian’s marketing offerings and community groups to increase awareness of the product.

  • The strategy can be very promising if a copy is released in a territory where the original product hasn’t been released yet.
  • Bruce Wayne’s long-suffering butler, Alfred Pennyworth, proved to be a budget-conscious product developer who figured out how to save a few bucks on creating the bat suit.
  • At the core of Design Thinking is breaking down our assumptions and questioning everything.
  • If you make impulsive business decisions without research or planning, your projections, goals, and budget will all drop like a lead balloon.
  • This helps better organize the process and break individual deliverables into smaller tasks.
  • For periodic feedback, you will need to survey users about their experience.
  • Before diving into the topic, we should clarify what a product strategy isn’t.

You can align teams from different departments and bring people together to work on idea generation and growth initiatives under a shared vision. Before you can bring your vision to life, you must lay out a series of steps, such as market research, product concept planning, testing, and optimization. A strategic product roadmap that connects the critical https://globalcloudteam.com/top-trends-in-product-development-in-2022/ actions and key objectives will make it easier for your team to execute. And the best time to create such a plan is right at the very start. However your company chooses to go about product development, it’s important to lay out a strategy that spans from collecting data through to building, testing, launching, and then measuring the results.

Emphasize on Customer Problems

You can often modify an existing product slightly to fit a new need. One way to find out if your product can include a new market is to loosely define its set of features and ask people unfamiliar with your product what they would do with it. Identifying companies with products in your market and acquiring them can boost your market share. Avoid making a full-blown launch; the longer you take to launch, the higher the risks. Select a specific audience, focus on it, and then gradually expand to a larger audience. A good rule of thumb is to start small, learn from real customers, and grow gradually.

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